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If you’re ready to get out of your own way and have a life+biz you love… you’re in the right place!

Eliminate all the hats

It’s keeping you stuck and exhausted.

You don’t have to work from sun up to sundown, give up your weekends, or try to wear all the hats of your business to patch it all together.  In fact, you can have a wildly successful business that isn’t 100% reliant on you to get stuff done!  I want you to know you can design your biz and life in a way that feels good, aligns with your heart and soul, gives you loads of freedom, and makes an impact on the world.

Imagine for a second, working your ideal hours each week while growing a sustainable, impactful, and profitable business that runs with ease.

Create space and make time for what matters most.

More time, means working less, and space allows for creative innovation and bigger profits.

Implement strategies to reduce your time in the business and expand your time in life.

Enjoy the life you set out to create when you started your business.

Having the right people, doing the right things at the right time, means work gets done without you… it’s like magic!

Hey Heart Centered CEO

I’m Amy D Marie. (It’s Nice To Meet You)

My WHY is simple… to help others achieve their dreams and live their best life.

As a business coach, certified strategist, certified life coach and certified online business manager, I have a unique set of superpowers that allows me to quickly assess your life+biz and know exactly what to focus in on, how to position your business for maximum growth and what needs to be streamlined, simplified and systematized.

When I’m not working with clients, you will find me spending time with family, hanging out at Disneyland or adventuring all across the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe (my home town). I am a morning person who goes to bed dreaming of sipping on a nice big cup of coffee in the morning, actually I don’t sip it… I chew it (technically speaking)! I’m really happy you’re here and I can’t wait to connect and explore your dreams and how we can make them happen. 😊

Ready To Fully Step Into Being The CEO of Your Life & Biz?

Imagine having more time to do what you love and a business that runs with ease.  Stop guessing if you have the right systems, workflows, tech, team, sales, etc to make your goals happen!


Working from sun up to sundown is not a badge of honor and feeling like you have to do it all isn’t why you started your biz.

None of it has to be exhausting, overwhelming, or soul-sucking.

You can do it with ease and in a way that ignites radical joy in your heart and soul and has you waking up each and every day with energy to a life you love.

The Heart Soul CEO Roadmap gives you the exact steps to follow to build an amazing team you love, clients you adore, and profitable sustainable growth, so you can enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to build.

What to do next…


Schedule A Call

Start by getting to the heart of your business.  Together we will get clear exactly where you stand and the current challenges you’re facing and exactly what you need to recalibrate your biz.


Grab A Cup of Goodness

Then grab some freshly brewed inspiration handcrafted and designed to sprinkle a little magic (mindset), moxie (know-how) and momentum towards creating a life + biz you love.