Guiding you out of overwhelm and into aligned & inspired action, step-by-step so you can grow profitably and turn your big visions into reality.

Your business should feel like savoring a warm cup of coffee… simple goodness that puts a little pep in your step.

If instead it feels like a tangled mess of busyness – everything, everywhere, all at once, and you dream of having a trusted advisor to help you get the right things in place to create more space so you can execute the big beautiful ideas you have brewing inside, but can’t find the time to get to… you are in the right place.

Hey, I’m Amy D. Marie –
a Heart Soul CEO

Dedicated coffee chewer. INFJ. big dreamer. sunshine seeker, nature lover, and aspiring wanderer.

In the beginning, I hustled my way to a full client roster and team, doing all the things and believing bigger is better. But I quickly realized I was headed to burnout.

I believe doing less… better, is the answer. So, I took a step back and intentionally redesigned my business to strategically align in a way that created more space (hello 4 week vacations), less hustle and overwhelm and more joy!

You’re going to Love it here if…

You feel called to simplify +

desire sustainability +

want tailored strategies +

crave flexibility & freedom

Get personalized business guidance for the stage you are in.

Business Coaching

(with a dash of consulting)

Business changing coaching that gives you the confidence & know-how to grow a business and life on your own terms.

Strategic Planning

(for a life + biz that aligns)

Kiss overwhelm goodbye with a tailored strategic action plan that turns your ideas & goals into results faster.

Templates & Toolkits

(turn to-dos into done faster)

You’ll know what to do and how to do it,  so you have more ease & space to do what you want to do.

Before Amy, I dreaded even thinking about all I needed to do to grow both my companies.

She’s given me back my time to focus on my true passion. I am always super excited after our sessions because she has me looking at things in a different way and it sparks new creative ideas to grow my businesses.

Kelly Conaway
Owner of Aerial Achievements & Founder of Simple Success Networking

Working with Amy is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business.

Her skill, insight, positive energy and ability to create structures has been a true upgrade and gift to me and my business.

Rachel Madorsky
Love Your Life Coaching & Relationship Therapy

Caffeine Infused Business Goodness

If you want to design a business that feels like savoring a good cup of coffee... you should be on this list!

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