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Imagine having a custom STRATEGIC roadmap that taps into your strengths and sweet spot… and finally gives you the traction you desire to grow + scale your business.

No more spinning your wheels or guesswork

No more getting lost in rabbit holes that waste your time

No more endless researching of courses, tools and platforms

No more feeling like you’re on an island by yourself

Get a clear path
to grow + scale your business.

Outsource your marketing
and to-do list.

get started in 3 easy steps

1. Schedule a FREE 30-minute call.

2. We will do a mini biz audit and share how we can help you grow, be more profitable and scale your business.

3. If we are a good fit and can help, we’ll share the different options of how we can work together.

Before Amy, I dreaded even thinking about all I needed to do to grow both my companies. She’s given me back my time to focus on my true passion. I am always super excited after our sessions because she has me looking at things in a different way and it sparks new creative ideas to grow my businesses.

Kelly Conaway

Aerial Achievements

Working with Amy is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. Her skill, insight, positive energy and ability to create structures has been a true upgrade and gift to me and my business.

Rachel Madorsky

Love Your Life Coaching & Relationship Therapy

Amy is the guru of marketing. She has helped me increase the flow of traffic to my website and my office. I love to recommend her services to people that I know that have small businesses because I am confident that they will be working with someone that really wants their business to be a success.

Michelle Hasegawa

Massage at Arrowhead Creekside

Hey Heart Centered Entrepreneur

I’m Amy D Marie.
The Coffee Chewer, Nature Lover, & Self Proclaimed Professional Airbnber Consultant + Founder of Heart Soul CEO.

Here at HSC, we help female entrepreneurs intentionally grow + scale businesses that give them so much more than just financial success.  We know when you have a strategic roadmap that aligns with your strengths and sweet spot… radical growth happens.

As a certified business strategist, marketing consultant and certified online business manager, I am able to quickly assess what is needed to uplevel your biz and provide a strategy that will have you loving your biz and being the CEO you were always meant to be.

Why hire a Pumpkin Plan Strategist?

The problem isn’t that you don’t have the resources to show you WHAT TO DO.  The problem is you have TOO MANY options and you DON’T HAVE CLARITY on what is the right one for you.  When you hire a Business Coach and Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, you stop spinning your wheels and get a proven plan to grow and streamline your business.

As a certified pumpkin plan strategist, I have insider tools and proven resources that simplify your strategic growth plan.

The combination of my 20+ years as a small business coach, marketing consultant and certified online business manager gives me a unique perspective of what it really takes behind the scenes to grow and run a business. 

Knowing how all the pieces fit together and how to apply it to your business, is transformative!

Practical, Tactical and Magical Tips

Designed to help you grow + scale your biz, gain more
freedom & just make you a happier human! <3

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