A positive mindset means everything.  It allows the not so good days, be not so bad and great days be amazing!  Change is a constant in our lives and transition from one thing to the next in our daily lives can sometimes be trying.  I have found awareness within myself brings a warm bubbly feeling of yummyness to myself.  It is important to love ourselves… really love ourselves.  None of us are perfect and each of us are making the best possible decision we can make, the moment that we make it.  I encourage you to write out the things you love about yourself… in fact share a few below in the comments below.

  1. I love that I can see the positive in all things good or bad.
  2. I love that I am able to communicate how I “really” feel and not stuff it down inside.
  3. I love that I am short… even though I wish for longer legs sometimes. 🙂
  4. I love that I am caring, kind and thoughtful.
  5. I love that my spicy Italian attitude can pop up at a moments notice.
  6. I love that I love to learn… it is my life, my journey.
  7. I love that I am highly emotional.  It allows me to feel things that might go unnoticed.
  8. I love that my intuition is always spot on and has been an amazing guide through the years.
  9. I love that I am not afraid to go against the grain and to question beliefs that may not be mine.
  10. I love that I am willing to be honest and call it like it is, even when it’s not in my favor.
  11. I love that I am willing to take chances and jump before I look.
  12. I love that I have the ability to listen.
  13. I love that my soul is intertwined with nature and without it I am nothing.
  14. I love that my world comes alive when my children smile and laugh.
  15. I love that I can love my own curves and be OK that I am not a super model.
  16. I love that I enjoy the simple things in life, like birds chirping, the sun shining or my dog saying Hi when I come home.
  17. I love that I have rubbed off on my children and they are independent thinkers and have compassion for others.
  18. I love that music transforms my world into a magical state of energy.
  19. I love that coffee in the morning brings me so much pleasure.
  20. I love that I have a family who is everything to me.
  21. I love that I am woman who suffers from crazy PMS and I happily accept the crazy roller coaster ride it brings me each month.
  22. I love that I can step up to any challenge and give it my all.
  23. I love that I can hold on to the end of the rope for as long as it takes for me to get a better grip.
  24. I love that no matter what happens I am good… really good.
  25. I love that I have been so blessed to be on the journey that was given to me.
  26. I love that I can choose how I want to feel… how I want to show up in this world.
  27. I love that I can help others be everything they ever wanted to be.
  28. I love that I am silly.
  29. I love that I am unique and there is only one of me, just like there is only one of you… we are so special! 🙂
  30. I love that I am truly grateful for all that I am and all that you are.