These days our websites are a big portion of our online personality.  It acts as our first impression and allows a visitor to quickly decide whether they connect with you or not.  You website content can not only provide tremendous value for your website visitors, but also give them a snapshot of YOU.

When it comes to your website content, it includes anything on  your site, such as written content, images, and any other data that you choose to add to your website. Having content that captures the true YOU and makes you shine will prove to be a great marketing tool and will make it easy to attract your ideal clients.

Follow these simple secrets and you will be on  your way to creating awesome content that captures your ideal clients attention:

1. Write with Clarity and Simplicity. I get asked about how I write all the time.  My grandma gave me great advice as a child… and simply put, she said… write the way you would speak.  Writing in a conversational tone allows your personality and passion to shine through and gives you the ability to establish a true connection with your ideal client.

2. Show and Tell. Who didn’t love show and tell in grade school?  Your written word may be very powerful, but you can turn on your super powers by including things such as testimonials or customer feedback on your website.  It helps build the trust factor and allows your ideal clients see that people just like them have had success working with you or using your product.

3. Be Relevant. For example, if your business provides wellness services and products, you don’t want to include content that doesn’t relate to that.  Relevant content will help your ideal clients find you online and help build the know, like and trust factor, so they come back.

4. Do the Unexpected. When it comes to shining online and standing out from the rest, you want to go over and above what everyone else is doing.  Think of it as delivering the WOW factor to your visitors.  This could be a surprise gift above and beyond your opt-in gift or a freebie that doesn’t require them to opt-in… get creative!

5. Give Value. I think this goes without saying, but your content needs to be of great value to your ideal clients.  My clients often express their worries about giving to much away, but if you really want to stand out and connect with your ideal clients, I say don’t worry about it.  Provide great value and content and your ideal clients will be leaping to work with you!

The main thing to remember when you want to create awesome content and shine bright for all to see, is to remember to write in your own voice, tone and style.  This my dear, is what your ideal clients will love you for!  This is what you will become known for and why your ideal clients will return.

Having awesome website content that lets your personality, passion and knowledge shine through will help you stand out, attract your ideal clients and get found online!

Now… what are you going to go write?