Burst of Clients

Have you ever found yourself needing clients, so you marketed your business, got clients and then stopped marketing?

Maybe you didn’t stop marketing on purpose, but you stopped because you were busy with your new clients.

Don’t feel bad, this happens to the best of us!  But, as an entrepreneur, marketing is your number one priority… always.  If you always market, you will always have clients.

Maybe you’re just getting started or maybe you’ve been in business for a little while and need a burst of clients. Either way, these tips will help you find new clients this month and get back on track.

1.  Tap Into Your Existing Clients

One of the best ways to drum up business is to tap into your existing client base or people you have worked with in the past.  Existing and past clients already know, like and trust with you and understand the value you provide. Reach out to your existing or past clients and offer a new service or a VIP Day around something you know they need.

2.  Tap Into Who You Know

Referrals are a great way to get new clients and is often overlooked and under utilized.  When is the last time you asked for a referral?  Think of some of your happiest clients and reach out to them and ask for a referral.  Make it easy for them and provide a simple email they can send out to some of their contacts.  In the email to their contacts, invite the contact to set up a short chat with you, where you will provide value to them.  Make sure to make the offer juicy and compelling.

3.  Tap Into Your List

When is the last time you offered your services or products to your list?  Too often my clients are communicating with their list on a regular basis, but they never offer their services or products.  If you don’t offer it, they can’t buy it.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and make a juicy and compelling offer that makes it easy for them to say YES.

4.  Tap Into Your Network

Not everyone is a fan of networking, I get it.  I don’t want to burst your bubble, but even if you are an online business… one of the fastest quickest ways to getting clients is networking.  YEP, it’s the truth.  So, if you need to attract some new clients this month, get out there and meet some new people.  Make sure to have a clear message you can easily say that tells them exactly what you do.  Try practicing your message before you go and when they say Ohhh… I need that or Ohhh… I know someone who needs that… invite them into a short chat or a discovery session as the next step.

5.  Tap Into What You Already Have

If you have products laying around, now is a great time to have a sale.  These can give you a boost of cash and attract some new customers who have been lookie lou’s for awhile.

6.  Tap Into Past Leads

When is the last time you followed up with your leads.  Did you have someone request more information, that didn’t end in a sale?  Now is a good time to follow-up with.  Give them a simple call or send a quick email and let them know you have been thinking of them and wanted to know how they are doing.  Keep it simple and genuine and see if there is a way you can help them.

Do you have a favorite way to get a burst of new clients?  Would love to hear your ideas and best practices.  Share below!