Overwhelmed by all the bright shiny objects in the world of marketing?  Take a look around, and it’s no wonder small business owners and entrepreneurs look stressed when it comes to knowing where to put their focus and grow profit.

Now, if getting clients seems hard, you’re not alone! It’s likely because you have a big missing piece in your marketing pie and potential clients are falling right through the leak.  I suffered from this leak when I was first starting out myself and it’s rare that a client that comes to me, has this figured out.

What they’re all missing is a prospect to profit plan.  Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

It’s easy to get distracted by promises from the latest and greatest bright shiny object or lose hours of time on things like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

By far, the number one question I get is… should I be using (insert social media platform) for my business to boost profit.

And the answer is always… it depends.

In order to know where to spend your time marketing, you have to know first who your ideal clients is… and before you roll your eyes and say I know, you probably haven’t spent enough time really understanding who your ideal client is.

Once you know that, you can get a clearer answer on where they hang out and what social platforms you should spend your time on.

But that isn’t where it ends. Now that you have clarified the most important information… you ideal client, you can create your prospect to profit plan.

A prospect to profit plan is simply just a system that allows you to attract and nurture potential clients into paying clients. Simple enough, but more often that not… it isn’t done.

Here is how a prospect to profit plan works…
  • Identify Ideal Customer.
  • Clarify What Service or Product You Provide Them.
  • Create a No Cost or Low Cost Offer. (Also known as a opt-in offer or lead magnet).
  • Set-up a Way to Capture Leads. (This is where they provide their email for your no cost or low cost offer).
  • Implement a Nurture Sequence. A series of emails and/or autoresponders that allows your prospect to get to know you.
  • Make an Offer.
  • Rinse and Repeat

Unfortunately, without a clearly defined system… a lot of time gets wasted on doing things that don’t result in new clients. It is crucial to have a way to capture your ideal customers and nurture them until they are ready to become customers.

And if you don’t… social media and the like is a HUGE waste of time.

It might feel a little overwhelming or difficult to create this system, but it doesn’t have to be and in all honestly it can be very simple and bare bones to see results.

Every business should have a prospect to profit plan. Being able to reach out and connect with your potential clients and your customers on a regular basis can be the difference between whether your business results in big profits or a big struggles.

If you know you need to create a prospect to profit plan so you can stop spinning your wheels? Let’s Chat!

We can grab a virtual cup of coffee and explore how this applies to your particular business and how we can help set it up for you, so you can stop leaking clients and stop wasting time on things that don’t improve your bottom line.


A Simple Approach To Turn Prospects Into Profits