I’m so happy you found your way here…

First, let me say WELCOME! <3  I’m Amy D Marie, the founder of Heart Soul CEO.  I’m a mountain girl, who loves being in the outdoors and escaping to Disneyland as much as possible! If you’re wondering if Marie is my last name… why YES it is, but I will save that fun fact for later!  I am incredibly passionate about helping women build impactful + profitable businesses that not only align with their heart and soul but also support the time freedom & financial independence they desire.  I believe anything is possible and the life + biz you dream of is 100% waiting for you… I want nothing more than to help YOU get there.

The Ripple Effect Spans Far and Wide

This is WHY we do what we do.  We know what happens when you have a business that runs with simplicity and ease… it means you have more to give to your clients, your community and the world.

For us… this is what it means to  create more than just financial success.

How We Transform Your Business


We set the foundation and create a custom strategy for your business, so you know exactly what to focus on to grow+scale your business by design.



We create a tailored actionable 90-day plan based on your needs.  No more spinning your wheels or running in circles.  It's all about creating leverage and momentum.



Have your own personal board of directors helping you brainstorm and prioritize to ensure you don't get stuck.  Plus, you get access to our proven tools to help you implement.


Our framework helps you manage and scale like a Heart Soul CEO.  You know who to hire, what tech you need and what systems you need in place for the business to thrive without you. 


Your day, your time and your growth is no longer bogged down.  You get more done, have improved profits and have more time to do the things that matter most... FREEDOM!

At Our Core… This Is What Is Important

Fill Your Cup First

We cannot serve from an empty cup.  Taking care of ourselves is our first priority.

Don't SHOULD on Yourself

If it doesn’t spark joy or isn’t a FULL 100% YES… we don’t do it.

Be A Nice Human

  We don’t vibe with mean people and don’t tolerate discrimination, racism, hate and/or inequality.

Sharing is Caring

  Be authentic and share your truth.  Your experience and perspective are powerful.

We Rise Together

We inspire and empower each other to be our best selves and to dream BIG and go for it.  

Meet The Heart Soul Ceo Team

Crystal is our team ninja, handling a variety of tasks, she can handle it all.  Crystal is a Southern California Native with a love for all things cute, sparkly, and of course…kitten-related.  Her diverse background in both management and creative arts gives her the ability to pop-in wherever needed to get support clients in reaching their goals.  

When she’s not supporting clients, Crystal’s out traipsing about the local theme parks and farmer’s markets with her family.
Crystal Lozano

Client Support Specialist and Implementation Ninja

Who We Are

We Are Eternal Optimismists.  There is always something good we can take away from even the toughest times and everything always works out.

Anything is Possible.  If you can dream it, you can do it.  Dreams really do come true!

Feel Good Vibes Lead The Way.  If it doesn’t feel good, we don’t do it.

Mindset Is Everything.  Our brains are powerful and how we look at something makes all the difference.

Sunshine Is Life.  That feeling on your face when the sun touches your skin… that!  We also seek people who feel like sunshine… warmth to your soul.

Furry Animals Are Pure Joy.  A furry friend, a wagging tail… this fills our hearts and makes our souls happy!

We Love Coffee.  Coffee is like dessert and we love waking  up just for a delicious cup of it.

Nature.  We find inspiration, feel grounded and feel our best in nature.

Caffeine Infused Life + Biz Goodness

Designed to help you be the CEO of your life + biz,
create more freedom & just make you a happier human! <3

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