Hello beautiful, I’m Amy.

I’m happy to have you here!

I have been an entrepreneur for over 21+ years. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys on this planet.

I believe being an entrepreneur is the way to create a life you love.

However, from personal experience and with the clients I have worked with, I have found, if we aren’t careful, our businesses can steal away the very life we thought we were creating when we started.

This is WHY I am so passionate about helping entrepreneurs intentionally design businesses that give them the life they dreamed of when they started.

I’m passionate about…

Taking time to fill your cup first

An empty cup has nothing to pour into others.  The change and impact we desire starts with prioritizing ourselves.

Mindset matters

Our brains left unattended is our biggest dream stealer. Training our brains is the most powerful tool we have and when we do, it can feel like magic.

Keeping it simple

Figuring out how to do less things better is what it’s about. Success is not a result of doing more.

Your light, illuminates the path for others to do the same

We inspire and empower each other to be our best selves and to dream BIG and go for it.

A little bit about my background.

For the past 21+ years, I have been helping women entrepreneurs grow businesses that give them LIFE – more space, time freedom,  flexibility, and the financial independence they desire. 

I am a certified coach, certified online business manager, integrator, and business strategist with a marketing background, and have mastered an extensive library of strategies and tools I use to take a multifaceted approach to helping you bring your dreams to fruition.

I am an INFJ (Myers Briggs / 16 Personalities) Manifesting Generator (Human Design), highly intuitive and introvert who is multi-passionate and feels like I have lived multiple lifetimes (vast array of experiences good and bad with a massive tool belt of things learned).

If you’re an entrepreneur who is heart-centered and fun-loving in life and business (or want to be), I would love to connect and explore the possibilities of working together.

Amy is an amazing business mentor. She has helped me transition from Corporate America into being Self-Employed. She has walked me through numerous processes in every phase of my business. I highly recommend Amy and enjoy being a valued client!

Ronda Wynn

Life Coach

Amy spent time with me to understand my business, values and vision. She is always available for my questions and goes above and beyond by contributing creative ideas I might not be thinking about. Amy is an inspiring entrepreneur, creative talent and healing soul. I highly recommend her.

Leah Lund

Life and Business Coach, One Whole Health

Caffeine Infused Business Goodness

If you want to design a business that feels like savoring a good cup of coffee... you should be on this list!

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