Hey, I’m Amy
I’m so happy you are here!

I’m Amy D Marie, the founder of Heart Soul CEO. I’m a nature girl and a dedicated coffee chewer who is obsessed with furry friends, sunshine, and Disney. If you’re wondering if Marie is my last name… why YES it is, but I will save that fun fact for later!

I am incredibly passionate about helping women build businesses that not only align with their heart and soul but also support the time freedom and financial independence they desire.

I believe anything is possible and the life + biz you dream of is 100% in your reach… I want nothing more than to help YOU create it.

What you seek

is seeking you

– Rumi

I know first hand the difference between going it alone and figuring it out as you go vs. having the support needed to fully step into your vision and your role as CEO (in your life) and in your business… this is the magic of coaching. 

I know when you have the support you need and can show up fully, you’re able to give more to your family, your clients, your community and the world… this is what creates the change and impact we desire.

When we honor ourselves and our vision, magic happens.  And, I want nothing more than to help YOU make magic happen.

Heart Soul CEO is more
than a business name…

It means when you work with us, you have a trusted partner, who shows up with heart & soul and is committed to your vision (even when you might doubt yourself).

It means, together, we align your business growth with your life, because freedom and flexibility is important.

It means we are committed to your success.

At Our Core… This Is What We Believe

Fill Your Cup First

We have nothing to give when our cup is empty.  The change and impact we desire starts with honoring and taking care of ourselves first.

Be A Nice Human

We don’t vibe with mean people and don’t tolerate discrimination, racism, hate and/or inequality.

We Rise Together

We inspire and empower each other to be our best selves and to dream BIG and go for it.

Seek and Spark Joy

Shoulding on ourselves dims our magic.  Practicing radical joy is what inspires others to do the same.  Give yourself permission to say NO if it doesn’t align.

Authenticity Matters

Sharing our truth not only normalizes it but gives others permission to do the same.  Your experience and perspective is powerful.

Amy is an amazing business mentor. She has helped me transition from Corporate America into being Self-Employed. She has walked me through numerous processes in every phase of my business. I highly recommend Amy and enjoy being a valued client!
Ronda Wynn

Life Coach

Amy spent time with me to understand my business, values and vision. She is always available for my questions and goes above and beyond by contributing creative ideas I might not be thinking about. Amy is an inspiring entrepreneur, creative talent and healing soul. I highly recommend her.

Leah Lund

Life and Business Coach, One Whole Health

Meet The Heart Soul CEO Team

Crystal is our team ninja, handling a variety of tasks, she can handle it all.  Crystal is a Southern California Native with a love for all things cute, sparkly, and of course…kitten-related.  Her diverse background in both management and creative arts gives her the ability to pop-in wherever needed to get support clients in reaching their goals.  

When she’s not supporting clients, Crystal’s out traipsing about the local theme parks and farmer’s markets with her family.
Crystal Lozano

Client Support Specialist

Amanda is our Copywriter Extraordinaire who helps our clients capture their brand voice in ALL things.  She is a former Hollywood actress-turned-mental health advocate and macaroni & cheese enthusiast. She’s been featured on websites like Elephant Journal, The Daily Mail, and Eating Disorder Hope. Her hero is: Robin Williams. Her personal motto is: “I Am Enough.” Her favorite role was the nameless Pretty Brunette opposite Greg Kinnear on FOX.

Amanda Gist

Copywriting Extraordinaire

Caffeine Infused Business Magic

If you want to get more done and have the freedom and flexibility to live life outside of your business... you should be on this list!

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