Our personal programming can actually have us set-up for failure and we may not even realize it.  In fact, it can be the one thing that is keeping us from achieving what we really want regardless of our training, expertise, etc.

I have a question for you…  Have  you ever noticed what you say to yourself internally after stating what you want?  Maybe you sit down to set your intentions or set a goal… what do you say after… internally?

Have you ever found yourself shortly after saying… I can’t… I couldn’t… I’m too tired… I need to… I should… It won’t work for me.

Unfortunately, our internal dialogue and programming may be negative self talk that sends signals to our internal system and sadly keeps us from achieving whatever it is that we want.

Although most of us know how powerful our mindset is, it takes WORK to cultivate a powerful mindset that creates a BETTER YOU.  And the questions is, are you putting in as much work on your mindset, as you’re on all the business training you are doing?

Our internal programming is what determines our attitudes, affects our feelings, directs our behavior, and determines our success or failure.

To create change, we need to first change our programming. And, just like going to the gym to strengthen our muscles, we must take our mindset to the gym too. :)

It is my belief that our businesses don’t succeed or fail because of messaging, marketing or incredible business training… it succeeds or fails based on our mindset and internal programming.

According to Shad Helmstetter, PH.D in his book “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.” he breaks it down like this:

1. Programming creates beliefs.
2. Beliefs create attitudes.
3. Attitudes create feelings.
4. Feelings determine actions.
5. Actions create results.

So, it’s safe to say, if you’re not getting the results you want in your life or your business, you simply need to manage yourself better. The good news is, we can do this at any time we choose.

And the first step is to change our internal programming. :)

So, this week, instead of jumping from thing to thing and staying so busy you don’t notice what is playing in your head, slow down and take note of what you’re saying to yourself. If you find yourself stating things like I can’t, I couldn’t, I won’t be able to, etc.

Make a decision to change it.

Once you recognize the negative self talk, you can acknowledge it and choose to erase it and replace it with a new statement.

One of my favorite ways I suggest my clients do this and I use it as well is when I find myself playing an old program in my head, I say… That’s my old story… My new story is… and then _______________ (fill in the blank with a re-framed positive statement).

I love it and it works wonders!

To an amazing week of reprogramming!