How To Get Re-Excited About Your Business

A friend called me yesterday and described what I like to call the business blues. Everyone can get the business blues for many different reasons! You likely won’t here your girlfriend talking about how she is bored in her business, or maybe she is exhausted from working so hard and not reaping the rewards she thought she would and is ready to walk away, or maybe she is tired of making ALL the decisions ALL of the time… the list really goes on!

The truth is we ALL get the business blues from time to time and those who say they don’t are lying! Running a business is no different than life! You have your ups, your downs and your status quo periods.

So, today I thought it would be fun to share some ideas on how to get re-excited about your business, so you can snap out of the business blues.

Revamp your work space. Just working in the same place with the same look and feel can get boring! Or maybe your office needs a little tidying up… organize those file and get those papers put away. Add some new color to the walls or frame some new pictures and put them up. Revamping your workspace can breathe new energy into the area and leave you feeling re-energized and ready to conquer the world!

 Join a Networking Group. Networking groups may be a little overwhelming for the introvert, but networking has so many great benefits.  Not only can it keep you from getting the business blues, but it can also wake you up from it.  Here is a tip, if the word networking gets you all tied up… just look at it as a way to meet your peeps.  Don’t be focused on the biz aspect, but on seeking out the people that light you up!

• Do something crafty… yes crafty! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be creative, you are! Spend some time painting, doodling, coloring, taking pictures or create a new dream/vision board. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! You might be surprised at the inspiration you receive while doing it!

Find something new to work on! This is one of my favorites… we usually all have something sitting in the back of our heads that we want to do or try in our business and just haven’t done it. Now is the time to do it! Simply having something new to work on in your business can give you that inner fire you are looking for!

Totally unplug! You just might be working too much! Trust me I am an expert in this area! If you are living, eating, breathing, sleeping your business, it might be time to unplug and step away for a few. Take a day off! I mean no phone calls, no emails… nothing!

Don’t let the business blues get you down! Remember that they are perfectly normal and we all get them. The trick is getting yourself back on track, so you can do the most important thing… have fun and just be you!

Now, I would like to hear from you… what are some things you do, to snap out of the business blues?