When I first launched The Girlfriend’s Biz Alliance in 2008, it was a huge success right off the bat.  Well, at least from the perspective of interest.  And in fact, I had many amazing entrepreneurs register for a membership.  So, all in all, you could say it was a great success.

As things took off and grew, I quickly became known in my community for being biz savvy and an online strategist.  I was asked out on coffee dates weekly and found that everyone and their grandma wanted to pick my brain.

Not exactly a bad problem to have, unless you didn’t know how to turn conversations into paying clients.  Or worse yet, you didn’t have a clear picture of your perfect client and an crystal clear offer to help them.

I wish I knew then, what I know now, because I literally left thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table.  I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you… so here are a few tips to make sure you get paid for your awesomeness!

1.  You Are Worthy Right Now

When I first getting my feet wet with teaching marketing and helping businesses with their online strategy, I felt like I was a newbie and didn’t know enough to charge… and if I did charge, I only charged a smidgen of what I should have.  No matter where you’re at on your journey, you are VALUABLE and should CHARGE WHAT YOU ARE WORTH!  Let me say that again… you are worthy of charging what you are worth and getting it!  Don’t sell yourself short like I did in the beginning.  People will pay for your expertise whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur in your field.

2.  Get Clear On Who You Help

When you’re not clear on who you help, NO ONE can higher you.  If you’re answer to “What Do you Do” leaves people unclear about how you can help them, then they will never higher you.  If you struggle getting clear on who you help, then higher someone to help you figure it out or checkout my Activate Your Biz program.   When you can easily say who you help and how… you will find people saying YES to working with you with ease.

3.  You Gotta Make An Offer

Once you figure out what you do and how you help your ideal clients, it’s all about making offers.  If you don’t offer your services to your ideal clients… they don’t buy.  Pretty simple I know, but I NEVER made offers when I was knee deep running GBA.  I felt weird about it and I didn’t want to seem pushy… but the truth is, you can make offers without feeling weird or pushy and people WANT you to make offers.  They WANT to work with you, but most are not going to just go to your website and higher you.

4.  Learn How To Turn Conversations Into Paying Clients

Who knew that a simple conversation could turn into a paying client… at least I didn’t know that back in the day.  I thought selling was this sleazy, yucky, pushy thing and I avoided it all costs.  In fact, most of my clients seem to do the same thing.  No one wants to feel that way!  However, there is a simple process that can feel in total alignment to who you are and be in service to your potential client… and the best part is… it makes it easy for your clients to say YES to working with you and is something I teach all my clients.

So, before you loose out on thousands of dollars this year… I want to encourage you to charge what you are worth, get crystal clear on who you work with (your niche) and how you help them (programs), make an offer to them and then have a conversation of ease that turns into a paying client!  It really is that simple, but if you never make an offer… they won’t buy or hire you.

To making the rest of this year awesome with paying clients!  Now I want to hear… What are you going to offer and to who?