Most of my clients that come to me have a common theme among them.  They’re feeling burnt out and because of that their creative energy and spark has been zapped!  When you’re suffering from business burnout, it has the potential to slow your business growth down, and decreases your ability to attract ideal clients!

The good news, you can get your creative energy and biz spark back, so you can continue to grow your biz and attract your high vibe clients!

How To Get Your Biz Spark Back & Tap Back Into Your Creative Energy

Heart-centered Soulpreneurs love what they do…

We wake up early, go to bed late, catch up on emails in the carpool line, and even sneak onto calls during vacation.

It’s not that we’re “workaholics”, we just love what we do!

Unfortunately, our love for our business can lead to… business burnout.

Symptoms of business burnout can include:

  • No longer feeling energized by what you do.
  • Putting stuff off (procrastination station!)
  • Having a sick feeling in your tummy on Sunday.
  • An unclear vision of your next steps.
  • Thoughts of taking a J-O-B (even though you know you would hate it!)
  • Resenting clients and customers.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.

It kinda feels like having a really full coffee cup unable to take on anything else or it’ll spill over.

Burnout is defined as physical and emotional exhaustion that takes all the joy out of your business and zaps away your ability to be proactive and engaged.

In that way, it actually lies dangerously parallel to depression.

It can manifest any time in your biz, whenever two conditions creep into your work life:

  1. Stress.
  2. The feeling that your business is controlling you (rather than the other way around).

To top the scary cycle off, the moment you have burnout creeping in, the stress you are already feeling tends to magnify.

But don’t worry, as someone who’s experienced business burnout… you can totally get your creative energy and spark back!

Here’s how to start…

Recognize That You’re Burntout

I know, it sounds simple, but the first step to beating business burnout is recognizing the problem! This step is closely followed by understanding that it’s OK and you can shift how you show up to your biz!

Once you do this, you can get back to identifying how you want to FEEL in your business and what makes you feel that way.

Make Yourself A Top Priority

I know, this is SO tough to do when you feel like your metaphoric coffee cup is full… but to beat business burnout you have to make non-negotiable appointments for your self-care.

Some of my favorite ways to recharge and shift my energy…

  • Getting outside… on my paddleboard or snowboard (depending on the season!)
  • Curling up in the sunshine on the lake and reading a book
  • Watching my favorite movie (Christmas movies year round anyone?!)
  • Getting a massage.
  • Staying true to my daily feel-good routine!

Get Help

The soulpreneur dream can feel so romantic, but the reality is that no one can be/do everything. It’s exhausting and although it may feel counterintuitive… doing it all yourself slows your business growth down and eats into your profits.

Start by making a list of what you do every day and take note of what you procrastinate on the most. Then see if it’s feasible to hand that off to someone else.

 Say “NO”

Drop anything that drains you, stresses you or doesn’t make you a good return on your investment in it.

This can be one of the toughest steps for business owners because we want to do it ALL. But when you’re experiencing a burnout, you have to allow yourself to be choosy.

Yes, that means you don’t have to accept every client or lunch invite or volunteer opportunity that comes your way.

And I’m sure you already know this, but here is a friendly reminder: It’s ok to say no without explanation. “No” is a complete sentence!

Review your client list

The truth is, working with non-ideal clients is the fast track to business burnout.

These clients are the ones that drain you and make your heart sink to the pit of your stomach when you realize today’s the day you have to see or work with them.

You probably already know exactly who I’m talking about…

Change up your workspace!

One of my favorite ways to re-energize my biz and clear out any burnt energy is to change up my workspace!  Whether it’s changing the décor in my office, moving my office around or just getting out of my office… this always shifts the energy and opens up a new creative portal for me!

Play with some of these tips and breathe new energy into your business. Let me know what you’re doing and how it goes in the comments below!

How To Get Your Biz Spark Back and Tap Back Into Your Creative Energy