When it comes to writing a blog post or pulling together your next newsletter, it can be easy to get stuck.  Many of my clients share that they feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating content to share.  I can relate, as I used to feel this way too!

Having great content to share with your tribe is an important piece to building your biz, whether it be online or offline and is a great marketing tool that can attract your ideal clients.  When it comes to content, it can be anything from written content, images, video or any other data that you may want to use on your website or newsletter.

Here are some simple tips to help you put an end to overwhelm, so you can start creating awesome content and start attracting those amazing clients who are waiting to work with you!

1.  Keep It Simple.

I received an incredible tip when I was a young girl and it applies perfectly to creating great content.  So, back in the day, my Grandma and I would write letters to each other.  During this time, she gave me a piece of golden advice… write like you talk.  When you write like you talk, you sound more conversational and makes it easier to comprehend what you’re sharing.

2.  Make It Real.

When it comes to sharing content, it helps to tie it to something that makes it real.  Here is what I mean… you can write about something all you want and let them know it is the best thing since sliced bread, but that’s just your opinion.  However, when you share a testimonial or feedback along with it… well, that changes the whole picture and makes it real.  It makes the connection between what you offer and people experiencing it.

3.  Keep It Relevant.

I could easily write content on just about anything, but that doesn’t mean I should.  So, if you’re a health coach, you probably shouldn’t be sharing content on pet care, unless however, it ties in with what you do. 🙂  Keeping your content relevant to what you do, helps your ideal clients find you and builds the know, like and trust factor.

4.  Showcase Your Personality.

If you want to get noticed and not blend in with the crowd, then showcase your personality.  Be who you are in your writing and you will easily attract your tribe!  Let your passion shine through and you will turn on your client attraction super powers without even knowing it!

5.  Give Something Good.

When it comes to writing great content, think of it as gift giving.  You know the saying giving is better than receiving… this is true for great content!  Share something that is education or informative… something your ideal client can use or practice.  Make it a goal to leave an impact on your reader, in other words… after they see your content it will improve something in their world.  Remember to just say NO to sales pitches, YUCK.

Remember, when it comes to creating awesome content, your own voice, tone and style is where it’s at!  People like people with personality… so share who you are, let it shine through and have fun with it!

Oh, and one last tip… Perfection is the enemy of good… so, I encourage you to adopt this motto:  Good is Good Enough!  Now, grab your pen or pull out  your laptop and start creating!

What content are you going to create today?