So, in case you didn’t know I LOVE words… I am obsessed.  You could say I am a total nerd when it comes to discovering new words.  I even have an app that teaches me a new word everyday.

You would think that being the word freak that I am, I would be amazing at grammar, but it’s actually my biggest weakness.

And, I am guessing if you’re a grammar king or queen, this comes as no shock, because you likely pick apart my grammar every time I send my newsletter out.

I am NOT perfect and there is no way I am going to let that stop me from writing. Because even if I stink at grammar, I can still INSPIRE others to go after their dreams.

Our un-perfectness is what makes us who we are!  It’s what makes us human and unique.  Our goals are not about becoming the perfect biz owner or having a perfect life, it’s about embracing who we are at our core.  Let all the unperfectness shine out and if someone doesn’t like it… It’s none of your business anyways. 🙂

I will say as a side note to this… if you have an imperfection that makes you feel less of a person… first, check in with yourself and see if the feeling is “yours” or is it a feeling that was planted in you from someone else.  If it feels like it is yours, that by all means do something about it, so you can feel better.

For me, I don’t give a rats fooey that I am not good at grammar, but if I did I could fix it in a heart beat.

All I know is this… we all crave to be heard and seen, yet we hide out because we don’t want anyone to see our imperfections.  It’s our imperfections that connect us.

Last time I checked… the people we love the most, the people we are attracted to and the people that inspire us the most are the ones that open the window and share ALL of themselves, not just the PERFECT parts.

Whatever might be holding you back right now, because you think it’s not perfect or not good enough… I say:  Share your truth, use it as inspiration and you will grow your biz.