Business owners have long survived the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with a “whatever it takes” kind of attitude, right? But there comes a time when our natural do-it-yourself approach can hinder reaching the lofty goals we set. 

Is Your DIY Approach Keeping You Reaching Your Goals?

“You don’t know what you don’t know!” 

How often have you heard that? 

As cliche as it is, it’s true! 

Business owners can’t possibly know EVERYTHING there is to know about business as well as everything about their chosen niche. There’s just not enough time in the day and we’d stretch ourselves way too thin trying. 

Think about it… does the president of a company like Target know everything there is to know about the inner workings of the company and the daily processes? No way! They hire a CFO and department heads, and then focus on their own specialties. 

“But Amy, I’m not Target! 

No, but you are the CEO of your company, right? 

Building a team can allow you to stay focused on your niche and provide excellent services and products for your customers without getting caught up in the operational side of things. 

If you continue trying to learn all the things in running and growing a business, you’ll end up taking time away from your money-making efforts which could negatively affect your profits and client experience. 

How To Go From DIY Queen to Outsourcing Goddess 

Step 1. How Much Time Have You Got? 

Have you ever sat down and figured out where all your time is going?

No, this isn’t where I tell you to cut out watching The Real Housewives Franchise or schedule one less yoga class a week… that would be straight crazy. Filling your cup first is a must! 

What I want you to do is, pull out your planner and take note of what you do for your business on a day to day basis. Don’t skimp here — really think about what you’re constantly doing. Do you answer emails? Perform client work? Make social media posts? Settle your books? Fix something techy that went wrong? 

Now that everything is laid out, scan the list and assign a time value to each task. Are you spending 3 hours a day on social media? Does each tech issue cost you 2 hours? 

Finally, add up how much time you spend doing something that could be taken over by a team member. 

2. Reframe Your Job Title 

If you’re in the habit of responding to, “What do you do?” with your job title (like copywriter, coach, or graphic designer), try switching it up. 

Simply saying that you’re the CEO or president of your own company can shift your mindset and set off alarm bells in your head of when you’re doing a task that could be outsourced. 

Say it with me, “I’m a CEO of my business”… 🙂 

3. Be Realistic 

Of course, you’re not Target! So you can’t go right from DIY-land to hiring a CEO, COO, and CMO… 

Focus on growing your team with one hire at a time. As a certified strategist and business coach, I help my clients identify who they need on their team and help them find the perfect person to hire. It can be truly transformational when you have the right person on your team. 

4. Periodically Audit 

As you start reaching your goals (YAY!) your business will continue to grow. 

Keep an eye out for tasks on your plate that can be delegated to your team. I love to set quarterly meetings with my entire team to stay in the loop and talk out processes that may need to change or adjust. 

Your DIY approach got you this far, but in order to hit your goals as you uplevel, you’ll need to switch up your game. This allows you to stay in your zone of genius and continue serving the customers you love for years to come!

Is Your DIY Approach Keeping You From Reaching Your Goals