When I first launched my business I remember how crystal clear I was on WHY I was launching my biz!  I had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, enjoyed my precious maternity leave and was headed back to work.  Those first few days of being gone made me realize I was spending more time away then I was with her.

It was crushing me and I couldn’t help wonder WHY I would have a child to drop her off to someone else.

That is when I came up with the idea of starting my own biz and was able to get the support from her Dad.  I gave notice shortly after and ventured out on my own.

A few times along my journey I have gotten stuck.  Now, I know if I am feeling stuck or unwilling to push outside of my comfort zone, I need to re-look at my WHY.

When we open our biz, it’s because we want to do things our way!  Your WHY is the big vision of your biz + life.  It’s where you see yourself heading and is powered by WHY you are doing it.  It’s what makes it worth pushing outside of your comfort zone.

Losing touch with my WHY, is what fueled me to include the prompt in my first Day Planner in 2010.  And now, it’s something that I revisit over and over again.  It is something I dig deep from within and use to push me forward when I feel like sliding back.  I use my WHY daily to motivate and inspire me.

So, as we move forward into the second half of the year… what is your WHY?  Why are you doing what you’re doing?  Go as deep as you can… pick a number you are working towards, then list WHY you want to make that number.  What will it do for you?  What impact will it have on you or your family?  What will it provide for you and/or your family.  Keep digging until you find something so juicy, you can’t help but take action!

I will leave you with this…

Your super JUICY “WHY” is the strongest EXCUSE BUSTER out there! – click to tweet

Now, I want to hear from you… what is your WHY?