Balance, what is it anyways?  Besides an elusive never ending quest towards something that doesn’t exist?  Balance isn’t something we accomplish and we are done.  Balance is like the universe, flowing and ever changing.

What if balance is more about creating flow within your day, more about listening within and knowing what your own daily balance of inner nourishment is and setting your intentions to create the space for nourishment?  What would that look like for you?

Balance is about connecting with your mind, body and spirit… Balance is listening intently each and every day and taking the necessary steps to nourish yourself within.  It is when we value our own self care so much that we make it out first priority and create a yummy flow of balance.

Simplistic in thought, but not always easy to implement.  It is too often we caught up into our day to day craziness that the idea of stopping to nourish ourselves seems like a luxury.  Don’t fool yourself, it is a necessity.  Taking the time to connect and create the space to balance, will allow you to not only feel nourished within, but will allow you to step into your own Soul Centered Bliss.

What is balance to you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Shine Bright my Sweet Friend – Amy