There is this awful bully who day in and day out beats me up and tears me down into little itty bitty pieces because of my womanly curves.  I thought I had beat this bully, conquered her, locked her up and thrown the key away.

She was sneaky, and I didn’t even notice she had snuck out.  But, with the recent changes in my body, she has reared her ugliness.  Little by little I have noticed this nagging, bullying voice each morning I get dressed, pass by a mirror, or simply sit down.  Everywhere I go, there she is… tearing me down, making me feel guilty, sucking away my self worth and stealing away my bliss.

Yuck, how did I get here, I know better than this!  I have worked so hard on myself and have such strong views when it comes to body image.  Besides being dedicated to myself, I have spent the last 11 years instilling a healthy and positive body image for my beautiful daughter, hoping that she escapes this ugly bully.

Is this a test sent from the universe?  Is it a reminder that our bodies are ever changing?  Deep down inside, I know whatever stage our lovely bodies may be in, we are beautiful inside and out.  I don’t need to buy into what the “world” preaches I need to be… I just need to honor me!

I stand tall and shout, I am glorious in all of me!  I embrace my short, thick and strong thighs.  I love my soft and squishy tummy and I adore my beautiful round bum bum.  I am beautiful in all of me.   Today, I will promise myself that I am perfect just how I am, even with an extra 15 pounds on my body.

The next time I hear the nasty bully pouring her hurtful lies into my ear, I will nicely let her know that I am not buying the nasty words she is trying to sell me.  I will fight back with positive body affirmations and go through a list of reason I am truly grateful for the amazing body that allows me to do all that I dare to dream.