Boost Confidence

Venturing out on your own and starting a new business is so exciting.  In fact, working with clients who are launching a new product or business, is one of my most favorite parts of my biz!  Excitement turned into action is an incredible journey to watch and be a part of!

However, excitement can quickly turn into overwhelm too.  It can also leave you feeling a little intimidated when it comes to getting out there and getting clients.  Even the most seasoned career professional transitioning into being an entrepreneur, can find themselves feeling a bit lost when it comes to launching their new business and getting clients.

Attracting clients into your business starts with cultivating yummy confidence.  And here’s why… confidence acts like a magnet.  It attracts your potential clients and they become clients because they buy into your confidence.

So, when I say you need to create yummy confidence, that means you need to create a crazy confident Life + Biz.  This is what your clients want!  Here are a few ways you can boost your confidence and start getting more clients:

Let Your Spirit Shine Through! I know what you’re thinking… what my spirit?  But seriously, I do mean your spirit.  People want to work with people they know, like and trust.  There is no better way to connect with potential clients and boost your confidence, then sharing how passionate you are about what you do.

Be Crystal Clear On The Results You Provide.  When you can easily communicate what you do and the results your clients get from working with you, you naturally feel confident.  Plus, when you can easily convey what you do this way, it makes it easy for clients to say I want that or I need that!

Connect With Your Success. One of my most favorite techniques that I still do today is envision the outcome that I want.  Whether I am making a call, submitting a proposal to a company or launching a new program, I am spending time knowing and feeling my outcome.  What would it feel like to get a new client this week or five new clients this week?

Collect The Praise.  There is nothing better than amazing testimonials from clients to boost your confidence.  This is also an incredible client attraction tool!  Connecting with praise from customers can make you feel really yummy and is a great reminder about how flipping crazy awesome you are!

Know What Your Ideal Clients Wants.  There is nothing worse than launching something no one wants.  Spending time understanding what your ideal clients really want, builds confidence.  It allows you to know you’re offering something they need and want.

Know How To Ask For The Business.  Part of getting clients is being able to close the sale.  If you are really confident in sharing about your business, but when it’s time to ask for business you cave, your business is going to suffer and so is your confidence. Learning how to have a conversation that leads naturally into a potential client becoming a customer, is a must have skill and will light up your confidence.

Appearance Means More Than You Might Think. This isn’t about dressing in some fancy get-up or having on the newest trend.  It’s about up leveling your appearance, so you feel awesome from within.  What can you do to feel better from the inside out?  When you feel good, your level of confidence increases.

Boosting your confidence is an integral part of attracting all the clients you want. The Activate Your Marketing program, takes you though a step-by-step system that eliminates overwhelm and quickly builds your confidence, so you can get out there and get clients.  You can learn more about the Activate Your Marketing program, by clicking here.