Your thoughts are your biggest limitation or your strongest asset.  By unlocking your negative thoughts, you gain control over your life and career and develop a successful mindset.

Every day negative thoughts sneak into our inner being. We say or think things like…

• I’m lazy
• I’m not skinny or pretty enough
• I’m not being productive
• I’m not good enough
• I’m terrible at _________

These negative thoughts seep into our life and have a strong influence on what we believe deep down. When we say things like, “I’m terrible at saving money,” it becomes true.

The first step to eliminating negative thoughts is to recognize them. Practice observing your own thoughts and become aware of some of the things you are saying to yourself.

Download this week’s Journaling Page to Re-Frame your Negative thoughts

By becoming aware and taking a look at your negative thoughts, you begin to take away their power. It takes practice and patience to change your thought patterns, but this one step can help you transform your life! Before you know it, you will be able to catch any negative thoughts before they happen.