I have come to the conclusion that LIFE is always happening.  Now, with that said, there are times in life where things are less chaotic then others.  But, for the most part whether it is extreme or just everyday LIFE stuff, it’s likely pulling your attention away from your biz.

In fact, it’s quite common for people to get stuck in an endless cycle of chaos and never really accomplishing anything at all.  They jump from one fire to the next and never really make any REAL impact on what they truly want.

We  have all been in this state at one time or another, and I think the biggest reason is a lack of commitment or alignment to what you really want.  Without a really CLEAR GOAL and CLEAR WHY it’s easy to get disconnected and lose sight of the importance of why you are doing what you are doing.  This is especially true when obstacles cause setbacks and delays.

However, I have seen it time and time again, with both my clients and myself… if you get truly connected to your goal and why you are doing it and make it front and center as you go through the day, you are more likely to persevere and make it happen.

Here’s how to put those distractions in check and finally focus on what you really want:

1.   Get Clear On What You Really Want.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes, because you have heard this one too many times, I get it.  But, here is the thing… we can trick ourselves into believing this is what we really want and then beat ourselves up because we are not taking action.  When I do some digging with my clients on why they aren’t taking action, what they said they really wanted… isn’t actually what they want.

So, if you find yourself doing everything but that thing you say you want to do, it’s likely because you don’t really want it.  Your goal or that thing you want to make happen, has to have great SIGNIFICANCE for you!  Here is a special tip too… it may be that you do what that thing you’re not taking action on, but you don’t have it framed in the right way that pulls together the mindset needed to move forward.  In this case, you can test out creating a different perception or view on what you want.

2.  Get Crystal Clear On Your WHY.

This goes hand in hand with your goal, but we often don’t clarify WHY we want to make something happen or have a particular goal in mind.  This is something you want to spend some time on and is worth the time investment to get really CLEAR on.  You want to get to the HEART of what you really want.

Having a CRYSTAL CLEAR why can be the one thing that lights your fire so strong, that you don’t even consider letting those pesky distractions or set backs getting in your way!

Here are some questions to ask yourself…

  • Why do you want it?
  • What will it do for you?
  • What positive things will it bring to your life?
  • How will it help you?
  • How will it make you feel when it’s accomplished?

Write all of this down and keep it handy so you can refer to it as often as necessary if you feel your being pulled away or getting off track.

3.  Get REAL with what you want.

This is a simple one, but you must be willing to get real with yourself.  Ask  yourself if you are willing to do what it takes to get what you want.  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone, makes sacrifices, and make yourself a priority?  If you can honestly answer yes, you are on the way!

4.  Get in touch with what will happen if you DON’T follow through.

Here is the thing, if nothing really will happen if you don’t make it happen, then you probably need to raise the stakes.  When it comes to making it happen, it needs to be IMPORTANT.  In other words, if you don’t make it happen, you are going to have negative consequences… YUCK!  Nobody wants negative consequences.  This is where even accountability can be such a great tool.  I know for myself, if I tell someone I am going to do something, you better your bottom dollar I am going to do it!  If having someone else hold you accountable isn’t your thing, then make an agreement that you will give something up if you don’t do it.

5.  Get Connected EVERYDAY.

This is going to sound time consuming to you, but if you want to keep that forward momentum and make it happen, then you need to renew your commitment each and everyday.   It’s easy to be committed to what you want when you first start, because it’s new.  But, you need to be able to STAY the long haul, no matter what.

Each day when you awaken, connect to what you wrote down or use a vision board to connect.  This is imperative to keeping you on track and moving forward.  Make a commitment to yourself that you will be your own priority and that you will do as much as you can to work towards what you truly want until you achieve it.  You can even commit to doing at least one thing each day that will move you forward.
The truth is, only YOU can make it happen.  If  you really want to move forward and get unstuck, you have to find the determination necessary to keep going, even when you are being pulled in a million and one directions.  Keep in mind that being stuck and procrastination is typically nothing more than a bad habit.  With a little effort you can turn those habits into something more positive and productive.  Stay focused on one day at a time and take at least one action a day to get you closer to what you want and before you know it, you will be there.

The more committed and determined you are to making it happen, the more likely you’ll do just that!

If some extra accountability sprinkled with a clear step by step plan to make it happen sounds like exactly what you need!  I encourage you to reach out for a BREAK FREE strategy session with me!  I only have a handful each month that I set aside, so reach out to me and grab one here.