So today I have kind of a funny question for you – what’s the worst thing about NOT having energy?

Seriously, think about it – how is NOT having enough energy affecting your daily life?

Here’s what it was for me, maybe you can identify –

For me the WORST thing about not having “energy” was feeling like I couldn’t change anything, because I was so tired.  I felt so out of balance and I knew that it took energy to create new positive thoughts and take action.

I never knew what might be coming my way each day, and because my energy was zapped, every day felt like I was on the edge of crazyville.  I was pretty much letting my life run me.

That life that was running me, was my career, taking care of my kids, taking care of the household, running errands and making sure everyone else was good.  It was relentless, tireless – it was a GRIND… and it was all about taking care of someone or something else.

The problem was, since my life was running me, I never had time for me.  I was always attending to everyone and everything else.

And to be totally honest, at that time in my life I couldn’t really wrap my head around it.  I remember thinking is this it.  I thought that I just needed to buck up, because this is the life I created and being busy with no energy was just part of it.
And in retrospect I was *sort of* right. I mean, I did create my life and actively make decisions to get where I was.  And I did have responsibilities that I needed to take care of.
But what I was missing completely – what I was blind to – is that me not having energy and running myself ragged was not only going to take a huge toll on me… but on my family too.
I needed to stop letting my life run me and instead starting actively creating it.

Because when you don’t have a life in balance, that serves you, you basically run yourself ragged, which equals absolutely NO ENERGY.  As soon as one fire is put out, another one starts.  You never seem to ever get time for YOU.

And it feels terrible… it’s exhausting, overwhelming and stressful!

Now, I’m actually glad I reached out and got support from my own life coach at the time.  Because it wasn’t really that I didn’t know what to do, it was that I needed the support, guidance and accountability.  I needed an outside view of things that I just wasn’t seeing myself and ways to slowly restructure my life, so that it served me, instead of sucking everything out of me.

Running day to day with no energy, is NOT a pretty picture, and I firmly believe that it is not a SUSTAINABLE way to live your life. It’s stressful and it forces you into just trying to survive each day, whether than enjoy each day.
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