I am getting ready to head out on a road trip to see a client in a few, but before I do I wanted to share some insight I had this week on saying YES, when I should have said NO.

It’s funny how the word NO can be so difficult to say. It seems to stir up so much guilt for many of us, me included.

Most of us tend to shy away from saying NO to avoid conflict or experiencing any feelings of guilt. Or maybe you’re a little like me and have an inner superwoman, who believes she can accomplish absolutely everything in a blink of an eye.

How many times have you said YES, when you really desired to say NO?

These days, I have gotten pretty good at saying NO… although I am not perfect at it and I still find myself saying YES, when it’s clearly a NO.

I have come to realize that saying YES, when I want to say NO, is me boosting my stress levels far beyond what is necessary and I create all kinds of yuckiness within.

I have also learned putting others first, means not being true to yourself.  It sends a signal to myself… that I am less important.

Unfortunately, when you say YES, just to be nice, you usually end up showing up half-heartedly.  You are there, but not all in and this tends to make the other person not happy and it also makes you unhappy too.

Been there, done that.

Here is the thing… saying NO has the ability to shift your world in such a way, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Because when you have the confidence to say NO and you start letting go of the things that aren’t a good fit, you start having more time for the things that are.

And that in turn directly impacts your energy, your productivity and your overall wellness… which all adds up to a more thriving biz and life.

And we all want a more thriving biz and life, right… and I am not just talking about money, I am talking about your overall well-being… feeling really dang good about everything!

I am so passionate about helping you reach your goals, I want to share a little action step that can have a big impact on YOU this week.


What is really important to you?

What do you value most in life?

Once you get clear on what is most important to you and what you value most, you can start taking inventory of everything and ask yourself, does this align with my values or what is most important to me?

If it’s a NO… It’s a NO… GET RID OF IT!

It might feel a little hard at first, but let me tell you from experience, you will feel amazing when you do… it’s like taking a huge brick off your shoulder.

You will feel lighter, more energetic and be ready to sing from the roof tops… well maybe not the singing part, but close!

This is a practice I do regularly to re-evaluate my priorities, my values and what is important to me.  I make sure everything on my to-do list, commitment list, activities, etc still aligns with my values and how I am spending my time.

My favorite approach is this… If it’s not an absolute YES, It’s a NO.

Simple, but it works.

What is something you want to say NO to?