How To Transform Your Life + Biz

Every year, as the New Year creeps up, I am filled with possibility. My head swirls with ideas for my biz, things I want to achieve, places I want to go and things I want to do.

It’s an uncontrollable excitement of all that can be as I step into the New Year.

Within this energy that fills me up on the inside is another feeling of how will I ever make this all happen… which can suck the energy right out of me, leaving me feeling deflated and overwhelmed.

Maybe you have experienced this too?

It is easy to get discouraged because we want to be able to click our heels and see our dreams magically appear. We forget that change takes time and focus.

If you have found yourself struggling with finding clarity or feeling overwhelmed, it is because you haven’t created enough clarity around what you want or you have set too many goals.

Creating a Life + Biz you love starts with creating a clear and focused vision statement.  It’s your compass or roadmap to the adventure that lies ahead. It provides fuel as you venture forward and keeps you focused when you feel like falling off the road.

It is your vision that support you in transforming  your Life + Biz.

You might be wondering, how do I write a vision statement? There is no right or wrong way when it comes to writing your vision statement. You can think of it as a vivid description of a Life + Biz that inspires and energizes you.

To write your statement, think about what you want – from your life, from your business, and for your family. If it helps, you might want to write separate statements for your personal life and your business. For me, my Life + Biz is heavily intertwined, so I write one.

Having an all-encompassing vision statement is wonderful, but it can be helpful to have a short and concise statement… or what I like to think of as a mini vision statement. A mini vision statement is simply a 90 day vision statement. I know this may seems like more work, but it’s definitely well worth the time investment.

Although the simple act of just writing your vision has a huge benefit.  Just sitting down to only focus on what you want is huge when it comes to the busy world we live in, but  I want you to take it a step further.  The key to making your vision statement work for you is to look at it often.

Put it somewhere you will see it often. You can hang it by your desk, put it on your calendar as a reminder to read it, put it in your wallet or purse or create a vision board that reflects your vision statement to hang on the wall (one of my favorites).

It will help keep you focused, help you make decisions and provide clarity as you journey through the year.

Gift yourself some time to play with creating your grand vision this year. It truly is a fantastic tool for your Life + Biz.

Now, I would love to hear from you… what is something that is part of your vision?