Tried Too Many Business?

For some reason in the biz world of women entrepreneurs, there is this negative thought pattern around having “tried” one too many businesses. Now, I am not sure where this was born from or why we have it in our heads that it is unacceptable to have had more than one business or that by trying different things means you’re a failure, but it just isn’t true.

And, because I recently had lunch with one of my favorite long time business girlfriend’s who was thinking of starting a new venture herself and made the comment… “I don’t want to be that girl who has had one too many businesses,” I knew I needed to do a post on it.

This comment really struck a nerve for me. I am sure it did, because I have struggled with this same thought myself in the past.

So, lets clear a few things up, shall we. Who cares what anyone thinks in the first place… I know we all want to be professional and be perceived as “successful,” but if you are authentically following your heart, who in the world can put that down? I mean seriously.

You’re successful because you tried! If you don’t follow your heart and do what you really want to do… that is failure!

Is there something in the rule book that says you are not allowed to try things? Is there something that says you have to know exactly what you want to do and stick to it?

As entrepreneurs we have an exceptional gift… we get to discover what we love and don’t love, along the way.

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you have to be willing to get out their, launch your ideas and give it try. It’s like the sayings goes… you don’t know, unless you try.

The next time you are fearful of trying a new biz idea or venture, for fear of being labeled that “girl” who has tried one to many ideas or businesses, let it go. Focus on the possibilities of following your heart and be grateful for the lessons that will be learned in jumping forward.

I have been an entrepreneur for a very long time, somewhere around 17 years. Yikes… ok that was scary just typing… feeling old right now. Anyway, I have learned some very valuable lessons from each venture or idea. And to be honest, these lessons have made me the marketing and business strategist superstar I am today.

Had I not ran an Errand Service, Bookkeeping Business, Women’s Networking Organization, and Marketing and Website Business, my business coaching would not have the impact it does today… not to mention I am a licensed Life Coach and can teach Yoga.

Am I going to go hide this information and feel guilty about my amazing life and business ventures… NO. This is what makes me so successful today. My experiences directly impact my coaching and consulting clients.

This is the same for you! Stand strong in your experiences and ventures. We don’t need permission from anyone but ourselves to follow our dreams and go after what we crave. And guess what, we get to change our minds whenever we want.

So, when your next idea hits or you find yourself wanting to steer your path another way, because what you currently doing, just isn’t feeling you up on the inside, go for it… the worse thing that could happen, is not going for it!!

Now, who wants to join – The Girl Who Had One Too Many Businesses Club? It’s awesome here. 🙂